Mirka M. G. Breen

November 2016—

 THERE'S A TURKEY AT THE DOOR read in a kindergarten class in South Korea^^^


January 2016^ a Berkeley CA bookstore

November 2015^-- A classroom in Colorado {from Facebook}



October 2013

The Voice of Thunder is the winner of a bronze medal for outstanding pre-teen Historical novels
Moonbeam Children's Literature Book awards 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A book party to celebrate The Voice of Thunder. 

 What a joy. I was joined by a lovely crowd at Afikomen Judaica in Berkeley for book talk, signing, and kosher tea & cookies.


October 2012

Signing books at the SCBWI PAL  (=Published and Listed) Authors event at the  Fall Leaves Conference in Oakland, CA.
Another first!

August 2012

 There’s nothing like holding real paper copies of your book. Author copies arrive just ahead of release.
Looks so good, I think I want to read this book!            


March 2012
The Voice of Thunder  has a release date: September 4, 2012. ARC have gone out, and the cover is set. More on my BOOKS page.

August 2011

TheVoice of Thunder Working with the editors at WiDo Publishing is rewarding (and re-wording.)

March 2011
My novel for middle-grades, TheVoice of Thunder , has just been contracted. Look for it soon on my
Books page.



My daughter made me a birthday meal…^

Can you read my breakfast?



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